Softfil Cannula 22g 40mm XL + Pre-Hole Sharp Needle


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1 - 5 $120.00
6 - 10 $120.00
11 - 20 $120.00
21+ $120.00

Product information



Soft Medical Aesthetics


22G/40mm substance

Pack size

20 kits


20 Sterile Injection Kits: 1 Micro-Cannula + 1 Sharp Needle Per Kit


SoftFil Precision Micro-cannula can also be utilized clinically for other functions. There are a variety of sizes in the product line, which are thoroughly designed to meet all user requirements. This particular cannula has a length of 40mm (1.5inch) and size of 22G, therefore ideal to be used on the chin, cheek and jowl for volumizing as well as deep nappage. SoftFil Precision Micro-cannula is product of Soft Medical Aesthetics. Each box contains 20 individually packaged sterile kits.